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A bacterium is an individual one cell organism used in combination along with yeast and molds to ferment the wines.


A red grape grown in the Piedmont region.


Barrel is vessel used for wine making and fermentation. Barrels are made up of using any one of the following cement, plastic, stainless steel and oak.

Barrel fermentation

Barrel fermentation is the process of fermenting wine in a casks or wood vats usually made of oak. This is done to make the wine to get a smoky aroma.


Balance is a wine tasting term. A wine is said to be balanced if it has a pleasant sounding combination of tannin, acidity, texture and flavor.


Basement is the lowest habitat of a building that is below the ground level and is used as a wine cellar.


The flesh of the steer, bull, ox and cow is called beef.


Like grape, berries are fleshy fruit with soft wall and thin skin.


Bitter is a wine tasting term. It is a sensation got after a few sips of the wine. It is usually hard to experience this bitter feeling.


Early declaration of France.


Bliss means an extreme happiness, delight and joy enjoyed while sipping a glass of wine. Black grapes. Grapes with blue or reddish skin pigmentation are called black grapes. Black grapes are used for making red wines.

Black berry

Blackberry is a cumulative fruit from a bramble bush, genus rubus and belongs to the family Rosaceae.


France important wine region. The red wines from this region are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The white wines are Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.


A bottle is a small can or container that is used to store wine. The neck of the bottle is narrower than the body. The bottles are made up of glass since they are nonporous, strong and pleasing.


Body refers to the weight and texture of the wine. The body can be a light bodied, full bodied and medium bodied.


Botrytis is a fungus that causes grapes to shrink and to become very concentrated. It is also called "noble rot".


Brandy is an alcoholic liquid obtained from by the refinement of wine.


Brunello is a type of wine that is made from sangiovese grape. They acquire the intense, character through the extended aging in oak barrel and this requires many years.


As red wine age the color of the wine change from ruby purple to dark, medium ruby or ruby with an amber edge or with a brown edge this is known as browning. When a wine is said to be browning then the wine is fully matured and nothing else can be done to make it better.


Buttery is a small storeroom for storing foods and wines.

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