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Chocolate is also a beverage made from the cocoa powder, milk and sugar.


Cider is beverage of fermented juice of grapes.


Cinsault is a red grape variety mainly planted in Languedoc and Roussillon. The tolerance and productivity of the grape make it suitable for wine making.


Clamp is cork like thing used in the wine making industry to prevent the flow of wine through the vinyl tubing.


Clarity is wine describing term used to tell the clearness of the wine.


Wine is said to be cloudy if it is dull and hazy. This is because the particles are not been removed from the wine during the wine making process.


Cognac is a high quality group of grape brandy.


Complex is wine describing term which is used to describe the wine's taste and flavor.


Concentration is used to define the alcoholic content in the wine where the alcohol content is tightly knit.


A connoisseur is a person with good knowledge of food, drink and art. He has a discriminating taste.


Consistency is nothing but the degree of substantiality, density, persistency and character.


Taking in food or drinking any liquid is said to be consumed.


Conveyer is a mechanical machine having a belt that is continuously moving to transport an object from one location to another.


Cooler is a container filled with ice. It is used for cooling wine.


Cork is used to protect the bottle of wine from spilling. It is inserted in the mouth of the bottle. It is like a hard sponge like material made from the bark of the cork tree.

Cristal Champagne

Cristal Champagne is branded wine that is produced by Louis Roederder. The Cristal champagne bottle has a flat bottom clear crystal glass with an anti UV cellophane and gold color label.


A critic is a person who judges the wine and evaluates it.


Crushed is a process of pressing or squeezing the grapes to obtain the juice from them.


Wines are said to be cultured if they are under artificial control condition.


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Wine Reviews

White wines are generally colorless and they are made from the white grape varieties.

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