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Maderia wine is a equipped dessert wine which is high in alcohol content. These wines are baked in Estufas and are kept in a temperature of about 101 to 140 degrees for some months


Malbec is a red grape variety used for making wines. Wines prepared from malbec wines are noticed for their deep coloration and intense


Malvasia is a white grape variety that is grown in the island of Madeira and Mediterranean regions


Marsanne is a white grape variety grown in northern Rhone region. This is the principle grape variety used in making white wines


It is wine tasting term. Wines that are said to be mature are aged suitably and have a lovely combination of fragrance, taste and bouquet


Meat is nothing but the flesh of animals like goat, chicken, fish etc. These meats can be paired with wine while drinking it


Melon is the odor and taste of the wine that are prepared from the chardonnay, pinot grisa and Semillon grape varieties

Melonde Bourgogne

Melon De Bourgogne is a white grape variety found in the region of Loire Valley. It is mainly used to prepare dry white wine


Merlot is a red grape variety and is found in the Bordeaux region. Merlot grape are noted for its maturity and are less in tannin level


Mildewed is an organic growth which is usually white in color and is caused by the fungi


Mixture is a combination of two or more substances varied together


Water vapor found in the surface of the objects


Mold is a filamentous fungus that is used in the fertilization process of wine.


Montepulciano is a wine grape variety found in the region of Abruzzo in east central Italy. These grapes are used to prepare red wines


Mourvodre is grape variety that has dark and thick skin. These are blackberry red grapes that are found in the Mediterranean region and are noted for their tannic content

Muller Thurgau muscadella

Muller Thurgau muscadella is a white grape variety and is used to prepare wine mainly in Germany, Austria, Italy, England and Japan

Muscadine wine

Muscadine wine is a semi sweet red wine prepared from the muscadine grapes a red grape variety


Muscat wine is white wine that is prepared from Muscat grape. Muscat wines are noted for its musty grapefruit smell


Musty is used to describe the characteristic such as dusty, stale and aromas


Mythology is a collection of myths that tells the ancient story dealing with culture, god, ancestors, etc


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Wine Reviews

White wines are generally colorless and they are made from the white grape varieties.

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