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Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines are those that said to have significant level of carbon dioxide. In sparkling wines fermentation take place in the bottles. Sparkling wines comes in different shapes, sizes and colors and they might be sweet, light, rich and dry.


Spigots is a plug for the hole in the cask to regulate or stop the flow of the liquid in the container.


Steak is the part of the meat cut from the large fish or animal that is served boiled or fried.


Stew is the process of cooking slowly for a long time.


Swirling is spinning the wine bottle in a motion which helps you to observe the wine body.


Sylvaner is a white wine grape variety that is used to produce light and spicy wines that has floral flavor. The grape is also called as Silvaner and is mostly seen in Alsace and Germany.


Syrah is a red grape variety that is grown all around the world and is used to produce powerful red wines.


Wine Recipes

Wine Reviews

Wine recipes page allows you to make recipes with the use of your favorite wines. Here you will see a list of wine recipes both added by us and submitted by our visitors. Enjoy them all.

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Wine Reviews

Wine Reviews

White wines are generally colorless and they are made from the white grape varieties.

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