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Vineyard is a farm where wine grapes are grown mainly for wine making.

Vitis vinifera

Vitis Vinifera is a common wine making grape that is native to the Mediterranean region and southwestern Asia.


Vintage refers to the yield of wine grapes from a vineyard that is got during one season


Viticulture is the process of cultivating grapes.


Viscous is a wine tasting term that indicates the thick and heavy appearance of a wine.


Varietal is a type of wine that is prepared from one grape variety and carries the name of the other grape variety.


Versatile is used to define the wide variety of wines in the world.


Velvety is used to define the wine that has good looking color and has rich taste. This word is also used to denote the fruits that have ripened fully during the vintage period.


Viscosity is used to describe the viscous nature of the wine.


Verdicchio is the white wine grape variety that is grown in Italy. This grapes are used to produce dry white wines.


Viognier is a white grape variety that is used to produce white wines that have heady fragrance and the flavor of oranges and apricots.

Vega sicila

Vega sicila is a winery in Spanish that is situated in the ribera del dyero in the northern part of Spain.

Wine Recipes

Wine Reviews

Wine recipes page allows you to make recipes with the use of your favorite wines. Here you will see a list of wine recipes both added by us and submitted by our visitors. Enjoy them all.

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Wine Reviews

Wine Reviews

White wines are generally colorless and they are made from the white grape varieties.

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