About Wine

When you find so much time for leisure and sun bathing spree, you would prefer to have wine as your energizing company. Wine is an intoxicating drink and is made from the grapes as a fermented juice. Wine is also prepared from other fruits. Since, grapes can ferment without the addition of sugar, Enzymes or nutrients they are most preferred to make wines. Nearly all the wines made in the world are prepared from the vitis vinifera, a species of the grape family. Almost 4,000 wine varieties are made from this species. Apple cider, pears, cherry, plum and berries are some of the fruits used to make wines. Wines are manufactured commercially as well as some fruit wine come as fermented home products. Alcohol content will be 12% in fruit wines and when they are equipped with brandy the content is increased to 20%. Wine becomes a good well known creature if it is used judiciously.