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Conditions That Affect Wine

Wine storage is affected by many factors. Listed below are most important factors that affect the wine storage:


To store the wine for a long period its temperature should be maintained properly. Wines stored for a week or months can also be affected by the temperature under which it is stored.

Wines are stored in the temperature between 45° - 60° F; while the optimal temperature range is 50° to 55° F. wines are stored in caves where the underground temperature is 13°C (55° F).

  • Blush, rose and dry white wines are best at 46 deg - 57 deg F.
  • Sparkling wines and champagne are best at 43 deg - 47 deg F.
  • Light red wine work well at 55F.
  • Deep red wines serve well at a temperature between 59 deg - 66 deg F.

Ensure that you store the wine bottle such that when you try to take a particular bottle you need not move others. Wine should remain in the stored place until it is opened. Make sure that there is no incessant vibration from other machinery or heavy traffic. Since vibration can disturb the symmetry and common growth of the wine. Storage locker should be built to allow proper air movement and to reduce vibration. Anti-vibration mats can be used to prevent vibration. To make proper air movement smart controllers can be used.


Storage of wine becomes dangerous when inappropriate humidity is used. The corks can dry out or crack and allow more air to flow inside the bottle when the humidity is maintained as low as possible. Molds will develop damaging the cork as well as the labels when the humidity is maintained at the high level.

For most wines the humidity is maintained at 70% which is enough to keep the cork in flexible condition without drying out and dwindling.


Tannins in the wine are oxidized causing damage to the wine when UV rays reach them. Even dark colored bottles do not offer much shield from the UV rays. So, dark place is only suitable for wine storage. Incandescent or sodium vapor lamps can be used instead of fluorescent lighting.

Clean air

The environment that is free from smells and debris is essential for storing wine. To prevent from mildewed whiff good ventilation is needed. Wines get contaminated when unrelated smells enter through the cork. For the wines to mature, choose a proper wine rack which provides a clean environment.

Angle of Storage

To keep wine in contact with the cork at all times it should be place horizontally in the storage unit. When placed vertically, they develop deposits of sediment on the bottom.

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