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Dessert Wines

A dessert wine is described mostly as a sweet, full-bodied wine, which is served with der dessert course in a menu. Some of the well-known dessert wines are Muskateller, Caluso Passito, Tokajer, Málaga, Marsala and Samos wine.

Generally by definition a dessert wine is a wine that has high sugar content. The sugar content will be higher than the normal table wines. A dessert wine has 3 to 28 percent residual sugar in them. Dessert wines are available in different types since they are made from differential grape varietals.

Dessert wine is said to be potent, sweet and it is also full of flavor. The sweet flavor of the wine makes them as a compliment to the desserts. In comparison to the table wines the dessert wines are thicker, richer, and sweeter. In order to preserve the residual sugar content in the grapes they are picked late during the harvest time.

Dessert wines come in small bottles and they can be served in tiny glasses. Generally an average pour will be 2 ounces.

Dessert wines can be white and red in color. The white dessert wines are served chilled while the red dessert wines are served at the room temperature. Dessert wines go well with the fresh bakery sweets and fruits. It is also advisable to serve heavier taste for the winter season and lighter taste for the summer season.

Dessert wines have aromas reminding of orange peel, mango, apricot, quince, fig, raisins, honey or caramel. It is recommended to combine also dessert wines with creamy desserts. Fats and intensive cheeses match very well with sweet white dessert wines. Regarding consistency, it is recommended to combine oily dessert wines with creamy desserts and rather lights dessert wines with delicate and fine desserts.

Some of the famous dessert wines include:

  • Muskateller
  • Caluso Passito
  • Tokajer
  • Málaga
  • Marsala
  • Samoswein

Dessert wines come in many styles and types. All are much sweeter than the habitual wines.

Like the other wines in the world the dessert wines are also defined by the grape variety which is used to prepare it. It is also described by the region where it is grown and how it is produced. France and Italy are the most famous producers of dessert wines.

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