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Wine Openers

It is important that one should know that how to open a bottle of wine without hurting your hand with the corkscrew or drowning anyone in the fluid.

The first step in opening the wine bottle is to screw off the cap with the help of the corkscrew then lobbing it to the trash. . In ancient times the metal wrapping was made with the lead. Once when they found that lead kill man it has been switched to other alloys and later to aluminum or plastic.

Whatever it may be you have to decapitate it. To decapitate it one can use a sharp knife, bottle openers or special bottle foil cutter. With the help of knife the metal can be sliced below the protrusion which is at the top of the bottle neck. After removing the metal make sure that there is no metal left at the lip of the bottle. This is very important since when the metal touches the metal when you are pouring the wine in a glass the combination of wine and metal will oxidize the fluid.

To remove the cork there are currently many different models to be purchased. The three major devices since long time are the wing lever, the waiters pull and the dishonest butler. The bottle openers used mainly to open a wine bottle is still the waiters pull.

Next to these models, there are nowadays many more comfortable and luxurious models, which can remove the cork in no time.

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Wine Reviews

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