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How to store your wine optimal?

From the Ancient Romans to Modern Americans, all people enjoy this extravagant hot drink. As the world changes in a faster way, people just buy their favorite wine from the grocery store and enjoy it. But they are unaware of how to store their wine optimally to enjoy it till the last.

There is a huge difference between storing the wine before it is opened and after opening it.

Before opening

If the wine bottle is not opened, it should be kept away from the light in a dark place. Wine should be kept away from direct sunlight, UV rays, and fluorescent fixtures. These things might cause the wine to give an unpleasant smell. Dark coloured bottles are safer for the wines and some wine bottles will have in-built UV filters in them. But adequate UV rays can ruin the wines. To keep the bottle away from light, the wine bottle can be wrapped in a cloth or simply they can be kept in a box.

If the wine bottle is corked then it should be stored on their sides. If they are stored in the vertical position, then the cork will dry out, which makes it easy for the air to get in and spoil the wine. Always keep the wines storing temperature constant.

Make sure that the stored wine bottle is not moved. Even the vibrations like traffic, motors and generators may also affect the wine. The humidity should be maintained around 70%, this prevents the cork from drying. At the same time the humidity should not be more than 70%, since it will encourage the growth of molds making the label to loosen.

As we all know wine breathes, is should be isolated. So it should not be stored with any other thing that has strong small, since the small will infuse the cork and stain the wine. To prevent the wine from musty odors proper good ventilation is required.

Wines should be stored only for an appropriate amount of time. Red wines may require 2 to 10 years to mature depending on the type of red wines. On the other hand white wines can be used within 2 to 3 years of storage.

After opening

Wine cellar or closet would be the best place for the opened white wines. In absence of these two, they can be put in the fridge. This will keep the wine good for 3 to 5 days.

Extra cares like, minimizing the air exposure, corking the bottle tightly, keeping it away from light and heat makes sure that the wine stays good for a long time.

The opened red wine can be kept out. You need not worry about the red wine, unless you place the cork in the bottle and place the red wine bottle in the dark place. This will prevent the wine from going bad for a few days.

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