Other Wine Accessories

There is a number of different wine accessories, which are helpful and for many wine drinkers essential to have at home, to enjoy the wine with its outmost beauty and taste.

As already mentioned, the first and most important tool is the corkscrew, which is available in many forms on the market. In combination with the corkscrew, also a foilcutter can be of great help for first step in opening a bottle.

As soon as the bottle is opened in a good way, you can either pour the wine in a wine decanter, which is also available in many shapes, or you use a bar pourer for direct serving of the wine, ideally poured through a wine aerator. When pouring the wine in a wine decanter, a funnel with wine sieve can be used to filter out possible tartar and other suspended solids.

Additionally a bottle stopper can be used, to stop possible dripping of the wine onto the table or table cloth.

After having enjoyed your wine and you have some wine left in the bottle, you can close your wine bottle with a good bottle closure, which is also available in different shapes.