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Wine Making Grapes

Although grapes come in great variety some of them are more popular. The winemakers as well as consumers prefer them the most than any other variety.Some of the popular wine making grapes include:


This one belongs to the white grape family and helps to make the most famous wine in the world. Burgundy and champagne provinces of France act as the origin for this variety. In oak barrels it is usually aged.


This red grape belongs to the cabernet sauvignon variety. Merlot is mixed with cabernet for flavor. Wine that is smooth, dry and rich in flavor is made by merlot. Since this grape is found to susceptible to fungus and other mold disease growing this needs little effort.


A red grape found in South Africa is a cross of pinot noir and cinsault grapes. Fruit flavorings are found in a large amount in the wines that made from pinotage.


For Chianti and brunello di montalcino this grape is used in the Tuscany regions of northern Italy. Spicy and smooth textures are its special characteristic. It also has excellent acid level. Vintners of California are trying to grow this grape.

Shiraz or Syrah

It is also as syrah in France and Shiraz in Australia. This is a red grape variety. Sweet and riper wines are produced during warmer climates while spicier and peppery flavors are produced during cooler climates.


California is the home for this red grape. Due to its delicious fruit flavor and spicy hues many wines are prepared form this grape.

Wine Recipes

Wine Reviews

Wine recipes page allows you to make recipes with the use of your favorite wines. Here you will see a list of wine recipes both added by us and submitted by our visitors. Enjoy them all.

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Wine Reviews

Wine Reviews

White wines are generally colorless and they are made from the white grape varieties.

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