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Red Grapes

During the month of august to November the red grapes grow in plenty. These grapes are rich in vitamin c and have a sweet pulp. Pinot noir, syrah, nebbiolo and zinfandel are some of famous red grapes.


This red grape belongs to the cabernet sauvignon variety. This grape is used for making Bordeaux wines. Wine made for merlot has a chocolate taste so it attracts the lover of chocolates. The cultivators of merlot grapes are California, Washington, and long island.

Cabernet Sauvignon:

These grapes are small and are red in color. They are found in Australia and California. These are mixed with merlot to prepare wine that has a taste similar to blackberries.


In Australia syrah is called as Shiraz. It is used in making wine in tannin. These grapes have their origin in the Rhone valley in France.

The table given below lists some of the commonly used red grapes which are used in wine making.
Barbera Brunello Cabernet Sauvinon carignane Carmenere
Cinsault Dolcetto Durif Gamay Grenache
Grignolino Malbec Montepulciano Mourvodre Nebbiolo
Petit Sirah Petit Verdot Pinotage Pinot Meunier Pinot Noir
Sangiovese Tempranillo Tempranillo Tinta Cao Touriga Francesa
Touriga Nacional Tinta Roriz Zinfandel Lagrein Blauburgunder
Rosenmuskateller St. Magdalener Kalterersee Auslese Edelvernatch Südtiroler Merlot Rosé

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Wine Reviews

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