Red Wine Glasses

Having red wine in the right set of glass gives you an enjoyment of joy and excitement. The taste ofred wine glass the wine would also be better when they are tasted in a perfectly sleek and stemmed red wine glass.

The red wine glasses are characterized by their round and wide bowl. This also gives the wine a place to breathe. Each red wine glass has a style on its own. They are:

Bordeaux wine glass

Bordeaux red wines are tall red wine glasses that have wide bowl. These glasses are specially designed for full bodied red wines like cabernet and merlot. The shape of the glass pours the wine at the back of the mouth.

Burgundy wine glass

These glasses are designed for dainty red wines like pinot noir. Burgundy wine glasses have larger bowl to gather the aromas of the wine. Wines served in the glass direct the liquid to the tip of the tongue.

Red Wine Glass Design

Red wine glasses are designed keeping in mind a special purpose.

Red wine glass has a shorter stem than the white wine glass. It is not a problem when one holds the glass by its stem or bowl in case of red wine. Since the temperature from the body that is transferred to the liquid in the glass will not affect the flavor and aroma of the red wine.

The wine is designed with a larger bowl since to make the red wine to expose to air.