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Sparkling Wine Glasses

Traditional sparkling wine should be served in a long stemmed flute or tulip shaped glasses. The make the bubbles lost longer the mouth of the glass should have the narrow opening. And sparkling wine should not be served in the champagne saucers.

Sparkling wines glass are specially designed increase the bubbles in the wine for the enjoyment. The sparkling wine glasses are available in four different shapes. They are:

  • Demi flute
  • Narrow flute
  • Tall flute
  • Cup

The tall flute is suitable for classic method wine. These glasses have wider body with tapered mouth. These are best suitable for capturing and to improve the aroma of the fully matured sparkling wines.

The tall and narrow flute is used for drinking classic sparkling wines. The flavor of the refined perlage is developed with the help of this tall body. The aromas of the non-vintage sparkling wines which are young are improved by the narrow diameter of the glass.

For drinking sparkling wines like sweet champagnes a wide shallow bowl is suitable. The cup shaped glass is suitable for the rich and aromatic taste of the wines. The large wide bowl has the advantage of justifying the aroma strength of the grapes and also allows the other flavors to develop.

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