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Types of Wine Bottles

A standard wine bottle is made out of glass and it will hold approximately 750 ml of wine. But there are also exist different types of wine bottles. The type of wine bottle often describes the type of wine inside. Some bottles are fabricated for the visual appeal, on the other hand bottles that have shoulder shape or thick glass is relevant to the type of wine inside.

Wine bottles can be classified on the basis of shapes, colour and size.

Wine Bottle Shapes

A lot of thing about the wine can be got based on the bottle shapes.

Narrow and Tall Bottles

These types of wine bottles are used to store Rhine, Mosel and Alsace wines. These bottles either have little or no punt. The bottle will be hollow at the bottom.

Straight Sided and High Shouldered Bottles

These marked punt and they are used to store Port, Sherry and Bordeaux wine varieties. Bulbous neck bottles are often used to store Port and Sherry wines to collect the leftover residue. Red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec; white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon are stored in these types of bottle.

Tall-Sloping Shoulder Bottles

These bottles will have thick glass to house the high pressure of the wines stored in them. Burgundies and Rhone varieties are stowed in this bottle with smaller punts. The most common wine variety that is stored in this type of bottle is Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Thick-Walled Sloping Shouldered Bottles

These bottles have wide and pronounced punt and they are made of thick glass walls to house the high pressure that are caused by the carbon dioxide bubbles created by the Champagne and Sparkling wines.

Based on Wine Bottle Colours

Coloured wine bottles also tell a great deal about the wines within them.

Brown coloured wine bottles are used rarely. Wines that come from Rhine or Alsace often come in brown coloured wine bottles.

Clear bottles are used to store sweet white wines. Over the past few years this bottle has grown in popularity and is mostly used to store white wine.

Dark Green bottles are used to store red wines, since the dark colour of the bottle help to prevent the wine from the light.

Dry white wines are stored in light green bottles.

Based on Wine Bottle Sizes

Wine Bottles can also be characterized by the sizes. The standard normal wine bottle size is 750 ml. conversely there are various wine bottle sizes that come from smallest to largest.

3 liter Extra-large
1.5 liter Magnum
1 liter Large
750 ml Regular Bottle
375 ml Medium Bottle
187 ml Small Bottle
100 ml Miniature Bottle

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