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White Grapes

Grapes that are green, yellow, pink or brown in color are called white grapes. The world's famous white wine is the chardonnay, because of its gamut flavors and styles. India's most loving white wine is Chenin Blanc because of its high acidity and susceptibility to botrytis.

Weissburgunder (pinot Blanc)

This is an alteration of pinot grapes. These have the taste of chardonnay grapes. Italy, Alsace and Austria are the major countries that use this grape for wine production.

Chenin Blanc

France is the largest producer of this grape. It is also known as viscous wine because of its high acidity.


To prepare ice wine, Riesling grapes are used by Germany. These grapes need warm climate as their most favorable condition. These grapes are planted in Germany, France, New York and California.


These grapes have the taste of peach and melon. Chardonnay grapes are capable of growing in different climatic condition and are used for making champagne. While making wine a small amount of oak chips are added to it. These grapes are cultivated in California, South Africa and burgundy.


In Alaska the cultivation of sylvaner grapes is famous. The wine prepared from these grapes comes in two flavors, floral and light spice.


Columbia, New Zealand, northern Italy, Austria and Germany are the great cultivators of this grape. Wines made from this grape have a great taste different from the others.

Aligot Columbard FolleBlanche GronerVeltliner
Gewurztraminer Malvasia Marsanne Muscat
MelondeBourgogne Muller-Thurgau muscadelle Palomino PedroXimnez
PinotBlanc PinotGris Riesling Rousanne
SauvignonBlanc Scheurebe Semillon Sylvaner
Trebbiano UgniBlanc Verdicchio Viognier

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Wine Reviews

White wines are generally colorless and they are made from the white grape varieties.

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