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Wine and Food Pairing

Pairing food with wine is an individual choice. The taste differs from one person to another. So the solution for this problem lies in one's own hand. Each one must able to decide within themselves which combination of wine will taste good with the variety of dishes. But this might be problem with wine drinkers who are just the beginners.

Food and wine pairing is a vastly a personal and imprecise procedure. In this matter the old proverb that is "primarily pair red wine with red meat and white wine with fish and poultry" will not hold good at all. And that too with today's multinational and delicately flavored dishes and the corresponding wide variety of dishes the proverb will not match significantly.

A state of stability and synergy is attained when you pair food with your favorite wine. Make sure that the wine does not overwhelm the food and the food does not overwhelm the wine.

Most wine drinkers taste different types of wines with food since the acids, sugars and tannins in the wine mix/interact with the food and give a different taste of sensation.

Wine drunk by itself tastes different than wine with food, because wine acts on food similar to the way a spice does.

And the most important of all the things is that you do not have to stress about wine pairing with food. The best pairing occurs when the good wine is paired with good food and good company.

Below are some of the guidelines that can be used to find the best food pair for the wines.
  • If you are serving more that one wine for a meal then generally the lighter wines should be served first before the full-bodied ones.
  • Always lighter wines with light food and full bodied wines with heavy meals.
  • You can easily pair wines with the full and more flavored dishes.
  • Make sure that you do not pair wines that are sweeter than the dishes.

A point to be noted is that the bitter flavored foods will increase the percentage of bitterness and tannic elements in the wine. The bitterness in the wine will be decreased by the sourness and salt in the foods.

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