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Wine Bottles

In general all the wine bottles are made of glass. Wine bottles are designed taking extra care since some wines are fermented in the bottle while others are bottled only after the fermentation. Wine bottles are available in different shapes, sizes, and color. The normal and standard size of a wine bottle is 75cL. All the wine bottles are sealed with a cork but now a day the screw top cap is becoming famous. And lot of methods is also available to seal a bottle.


France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain wine producers always choose their wine bottle shape as per the tradition that is most suitable for the wine.

  • Bordeaux wine bottles will have a straight side with high shouldered and is well defined with a punt.
  • Burgundies and Rhone wine bottles are tall with sloping shoulders with smaller punt.
  • Port and sherry wine bottles have a bulbous neck with straight sided body.
  • Wines like Rhine, Mosel, and Alsace are stored in tall and narrow bottle which has no or little punt.
  • Champagne and sparkling wines are stored in a bottle that has thick wall with prominent punt and sloping shoulder.
  • Italian wines are stored in a bottle that looks like a round bottomed flask

Most of the Australasian, South African, and South American wine producers select the bottle shape that will be well associated with their wines. And other produces select idiosyncratic bottles to market their wines.

The home wine producers choose the wine bottle that does not affect the taste of the wine.


All the types of wines have a certain color for their bottles. The traditional colors are:

  • Red Bordeaux - dark green
  • Light Bordeaux - light green
  • Sweet white Bordeaux - clear
  • Mosel - dark to medium green
  • Rhine - amber
  • Alsace - dark to medium green / amber

Most wine bottles are finished with a cork that act as a protective sleeve to the bottle and is called as a capsule. The capsules cover the top of the bottle. The capsules are made of paraffin to protect the cork from molds, being gnawed by the rodents or infested with the cork weevil.


Punt is also known as kick up it refers to the dimple at the bottom of the bottle. There is not a valid reason for this purpose. The most commonly heard explanations are as follows:

This is a historical trace from the start of the era when the wine bottles were introduced.

It was done to make the bottle less likely to tumble.

It collects most of the sediment deposits that are formed as a thick ring at the bottom of the glass and prevent them from entering into the glass when pouring the wine.

Punt increases the strength of the wine bottle thus allowing it to hold high pressure in case of sparkling wine and champagne.

In the manufacturing plants the punts hold the bottles in its place through the filling process.

Punts accommodates well in the pourers thumb helping him to pour the wine more easily and with more stability.

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