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Colours of Wine

The most recognizable wine characteristic is the wine colour. Wine colour is also an element that affects the wine tasting since many heavy wines mostly have deeper colour. Tastevin a shallow cup is an accessory that is used to judge the colour of the wine. To test the colour of the wine just pour the wine in the cup and can be examined under the dim light of a cellar. Wine colour is also an important element in the classification of wine.

The colour of the wine mainly depends on the grape variety. This is because the colour pigments are present in the grape of the skin and not in the juice. The colour also depends on the vinification method and the amount of time during which the skin is allowed to have contact with the grape juice. The process of allowing the grape skin to have contact with the grape juice is called as maceration.

Australian Rubired is a good example of mixing more varieties of grapes to get the required colour.

Red grape juice can also get the white colour if they are quickly pressed and the grape juice is not allowed to have contact with the skin. The colour also depends on the acid presence in the wine. The colour of the wine is altered when the wine is allowed to aged. During the aging process due to different reaction between the molecules there rises a browning effect in the wine which turns the wine from red colour to more tawny colour. Wine colour is also affected by the wooden barrel that is used for aging process.

The stability of the wine colour is increased by the presence of complex mixtures like anthocyanins with procyanidins.

Main colours of wine are:

  • Red
  • White (light coloured wine)
  • Rose (pinkish in colour)
  • Yellow (or straw colour)
  • Orange wine (white wine which has some time in contact with the skin)


  • Burgundy (colour), a shade of purplish red
  • Sangria (colour), a colour that resembles Sangría wine

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White wines are generally colorless and they are made from the white grape varieties.

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