Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are used to store wine bottles and chill them to the right temperature. It is also called wine refrigerator. Regular refrigerator could be suitable for storing wine, too. But since, it may be too cool or constant opening of the door causes a fluctuation in the wine temperature, it is not suitable at all. Temperature that is essential for the integrity of the wine is maintained by the cooler. Along with the some refrigerator units the wine cabinets is fixed. Wine cooler maintains a temperature of about 55º to 58º F and about 60-70% humidity. Some cooler allow you to maintain different temperature for storing and chilling different varieties of wine. The wine lover can taste the wine at its appropriate temperature, thereby enhancing its texture and flavor if it is placed in the wine cooler.

The wine cooler is equipment that may refer to:
  • Small table top used to chill a single bottle. These coolers are useful particularly in the warmer climates to serve the wine at the right serving temperature. These coolers are suitable for white, rose and sparkling wines.
  • Large ones in the refrigerator style used to store dozens of bottles. This model is used by the people who are accessible to the wine basement. These units allow the user to select the temperature suitable for the wine and even have options that manage two separate areas for different wines. Thermostat controls some of these units.