Wine Grapes

Grape, a juicy fruit found in variety of colors. Grape is used for eating, wine making and as a dry fruit. It is also used in jelly, vinegar, candy, seed extraction, seed oil and jam. Vitis vinifera and vitis labrusca regions act as the origin for the grapes. Wine making became the main reason for cultivating grapes. The major grape producing countries in the world are South America, Austria, Mexico and eastern countries. Thousands of grape varieties are grown all over the world; the wine grape varieties represent only a fraction of them. The color, size, phenolic distribution and acidity of grapes give each wine its own characteristic.

More than 10,000 grape varieties exist, but only few are used for commercial purpose. For raisin production only three varieties are used and as table grapes less than one dozen are consumed. In wine production approximately 130 varieties are used. Chardonnay, merlot and cabernet sauvignon grape varieties are used by the wine experts since they think that the wine drinker's focus their attention only on that and other varieties are not known.