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Wine Misconceptions

Since there is no single media that educates the people about the wine and with the increased consumption, some unusual folklore has crept in.

The following five misconceptions about wine give more insights about the true reasons: 1) Wines with screw caps are cheaper:

The reason for the usage of screw caps instead of cork is only to prevent the great cork taint in wine. By using screw caps, this wine failure can be excluded, and less wine is wasted when compared to the cork taint (wine for about 500 Million Euro per year). Furthermore, during fermentation of wine, a significant number of flavor compounds araises, among those very subtle flavors make the wine appear very fruity. Screw caps can conserve these subtle flavors a few months longer in the bottle.

2) Sweetness and Fruitiness are the same:

Sweetness is perceived on the tongue and is one of the five basic tastes located on our tongue. In contrast, fruitiness consists of many volatile and fruity flavor compounds, which are perceived via the nose and the palate (retro-nasal). Therefore both in their quality and in the area of perception, both descriptions can be distinguished.

3) Due to the sulfur content in red wine, I get a headache:

This is only partly true. Higher sulfur content in wine can cause a headache for susceptible persons, which is only a tiny percentage. Sulfur instead creates stomach problems, as the sulfuric acid is split up in its parts due to the acid milieu in the stomach. The more likely reason for the headache (apart from the alcohol) is histamine.

It increases the blood circulation, comparable with swelling after an insect bite. Histamine is an undesirable side-product of the organic acid decomposition and can be found in Chardonnay and, in general, red wines. Already small amounts of histamine (5-8 milligram) can cause reactions.

4) Cheap wines should be used for cooking: 

That would be a great mistake. Always choose a wine for cooking, which you also would drink. Affordable wines can even waste a dish instead of enriching it.

5) With red cheese, wine matches best: 

Red wine pairs very well with some cheeses, but for many kinds of cheese also semi-dry aromatic white wines combine as least as good as red wines. Quite often, it is even easier to find a well matching white wine rather than a red wine.

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