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Wine Serving Temperature

An old proverb says that white wine should be served chilled and red wines at room temperature. This might make sense but it should not be necessarily true. The temperature at which the wine is served affects the taste and flavor of the wines.

The wine is more enjoyable and tasty if it is served at a right temperature. Wine served at the appropriate temperature brings out the flavor, structure, and aroma.

Wine serving temperature differs from each wine by the type and their characteristic. Especially the body of the wine is affected when the wine is not served at an appropriate temperature. Most of the wines are ruined when they are not served at an appropriate temperature.

Wines that are served too chill easily get warmed but a wine served too warm finds difficult in cooling quickly. So when you plan to serve wine by chilling it serve it little colder then you necessary. And wines that are served too warm tastes alcoholic and will not give a pleasure to drink.

Basic Temperatures

The basic temperature for serving the different types of wine are:
  • Red wines - 55°F to 63°F
  • Lesser bodied red wines and full bodied white wines - 46°F to 55°F
  • White wines that are less complex - 43°F to 50°F
  • Ice and champagne wines - 43°F to 46°F

Here is the basic wine serving temperature chart for all types of wines:

Refrigerator temperature 35°F
Dessert wines 43°F
Chardonnay, Viognier 50°F
Riesling 46°F
Beaujolais, Madeira 55°F
Sauterne, Rose 46°F
Chianti, Zinfandel 59°F
Champagne 46°F
Room Temperature 70°F
Now let's see in detail the wine serving temperature and their effects on various types of wines:

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