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Wine Storage

The quality of wine can be affected if it is not stored properly. As time goes the wine changes its color, aroma becomes stronger and then flavor acquires its own character. If not stored properly the wine will not realize its full potential, no matter how good or great its growing capability is. Some might think that cool spot in the garage and basement is ideal for wine storage but only some of these places have the wine storage capacity.

Temperature around 13 deg c or 55 deg F is suitable for wine storage. This temperature is enough to prevent from temperature fluctuations and to keep the cork wet. 70% moisture is generally enough to keep the cork wet. Wines should be kept in a place free from light and vibration.

Wines prepared now-a-days are meant to be consumed with in a year of purchase. They are smooth and are ready to drink as they reach their stable state. Today's wine is prepared for immediate consumption. Before the youth and freshness integral, most wines of the world are consumed when they are young.

To attain their maturity better quality wines need 4 years of decaying period. But white wines within 2-3 years from the date of vintage are at their best level. This is because white wines need no time for maturing. As soon as champagne is brought out of the cell it can be consumed. Long term or short term storage period depends on the type of wine you tend to store.

This wine storage is categorized into two, they are Conditions that affect wine and Wine coolers.

Wine Storage Options

Wine cellar is the best option to store the wine. In wine cellar the wine bottle can just be placed on the rack and the door can be closed making the things go well.

Closet wine cellar can be another option, where you can dig large hole in the basement to store your wines. This might cost you a bit and but is an effective things for the everyday wine lovers.

Wine cooler or refrigerator can be your other choice. This will help to maintain a constant temperature unless you frequently open and close the door. This will help you to maintain some good humidity levels as different temperatures are required for different wines.

Wine Recipes

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Wine Reviews

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