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Wine Tasting

Taste as much wine as possible on a regular basis to improve your wine tasting ability. The heightened sensory awareness of wine is highly personal. Factors such as wine temperature, ambient temperature, psychological and physical states contribute to wine's taste.

The following characteristic are generally evaluated during wine tasting:


The color of the wine gives the indication of age and maturity of wine. Young white wines appear pale in color while golden or straw color is found on older wines. Young red wine appear dark and opaque purple while red brick or amber hue is found particularly at the rim of the glass in case of older red wine.


Distinct aroma is found in wine varieties. Different wines have different smell but the best one will have the complex collection. Tasting the wine should not be sniffed. The aroma tells the flavor of the wine which is one of the important aspects of tasting the wine. The deep and long inhale tells the taster of the wine about its quality.


To judge the taste of the wine is to look at its structure: sugar, tannin, acid, alcohol content and concentration of flavors. These attributes should balance each other except for wines that are designed to be out of balance. Barolo and Rutherlen Muscat are the two well known examples.


The viscosity, consistency, thickness and texture correspond to the term "body". The wine with these capacities has a higher alcohol or sugar content. Tannin also acts as a major component. Wine is differentiated into light, medium and full-bodied.


The impression made by the wine after you drink the wine is aftertaste or finish. This attribute reveals a lot about the quality of the wine. The wine is said to be better if it has a longer finish. The hidden quality of the wine is revealed by the finish which is not even apparent on the nose.

Wine Recipes

Wine Reviews

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Wine Reviews

White wines are generally colorless and they are made from the white grape varieties.

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